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High Carbon Steel Vertical Wire Drawing Machine With Electrical Control System

High Carbon Steel Vertical Wire Drawing Machine With Electrical Control System

High Carbon Steel Vertical Wire Drawing Machine With Electrical Control System

جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: JIANGYIN CHINA
نام تجاری: Vertical wire drawing machine
گواهی: ISO9001


Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
قیمت: Negotiated
Packaging Details: plastic bag
Delivery Time: 60days after receiving order and deposit
Payment Terms: T/T 30% deposit,70% rest payment before shipment
Supply Ability: 2sets/month
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توضیحات محصول جزئیات
Machine model:: inverted vertical steel wire drawing machine Machine quality: Stability, life span more than 20 years
Function: Draw the big size metal wire Inlet tensile strength: ≦1250Mpa
Drawing speed: ≦80M/Min Total compression rate: ≦35%
Motor: 110kw Diameter: 15-25mm


high carbon steel ISO9001 Vertical Wire Drawing Machine , inverted vertical steel wire drawing machine




Why we can't give you the lowest price ?


Answer: We can’t give you the lowest price, but we could give you top quality If you think our price higher than others,we can explain why it worth this price We prefer to take the time in advance rather than afterwards .

The excuses for bad quality like to you apology . is wasting us time. If just for the pursuit of profit, we will get

your order quickly through lowing the price.but many manufacturers lack proud product In order to pursuit ourpromise, we would not betray our future because of short-term benefits,this is not the final purpose

of business

we will definitely not throw out our future for immediate interest.we hope to keep long-term cooperation with

our customer not one time benefit.






Vertical Wire Drawing Machine



















Main Motor

Power (kw)









Iron 600-800 ≤1000 6.5-12 60 37-45 3*2.6*2.5 3000-4500







The equipment consists of main reduction box,die casing,wheel frame,sash brace and

electrical control system.The spinning drawing blocks are driven by JZT series motor,with gear coupling runs changeful gears to reduce speed. The drawing blocks are verticaly fixed in sealed box body.The gear pair are lubricated with oil.






The set of the machines is an ideal equipment for drawing wire stock of high,medium and carbon steel,as well as coper,alumium and alloy.The machine are applied for drawing wire in the factories,such as wire-steel factor,metal mesh factory and nail making factory etc.


In order to lower residual heat on the surface of the block, the cooling means is installed in inter-wall of the block,the wortle is soaked in cooling water to reduce its working temperature.


اطلاعات تماس
Jiangyin Yifa Metal Science & Technology Co., Ltd

تماس با شخص: LIU

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